Younger NorCal State Cup(s) - U9 to U13
January 17th and 18th Game sites!

January 24th and 25th

U11's Boys Red Division will play at:

Turlock Sports Complex

For 3rd round placement Schedule, please click here.

U12-U13 Girls Red Division Quarterfinals and Semifinals

Mistlin Sports Complex

Alden Olilver Park

Mary Grogan


For a list of all sites for this weekend, please click here

Good Luck to all the teams!!


Under 11-13 White, Blue and Green Champions!

The Under 11 white, blue and green age groups concluded their Championship run the weekend of December 6th and 7th. The U11 age group set a record number of teams in 2014 with 346 teams; the largest of any age group! Congratulations to all the teams!!


U11 Girls White, Blue and Green Division.

U11 Boys White, Blue and Green Division.


U11 Girls White, Blue and Green Division.
Ethos Soccer Saints 04G Blue  Premier 1 Champion
Ajax United 04G White  Premier 2 Champion
Sagebrush SC Patriots 04  Premier 3 Champion
Mill Valley Soccer Club Rockers Red 04  Gold 1 Champion
COSC-S G03 white  Gold 2 Champion
Alternativo FC Atlas  Gold 3 Champion
Diablo FC 03G Blue  Sliver 1 Champion
Red Star SA 03G White  Sliver 2 Champion
IR Academy Lightning  Sliver 3 Champion
Ajax United 04G Black  Bronze 1 Champion
Mustang Crushers 03G  Bronze 2 Champion
SCA 04GN Red  Bronze 3 Champion

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U11 Boys White, Blue and Green Division.

U11 Boys White, Blue and Green Division.
Cal Magic SC Magic O3B Jasko  Premier 3 Champion
Napa Sport SC Napa Jr.  Gold 1 Champion
Granite Bay FC GOLD  Gold 2 Champion
PSA Royals 03B White  Gold 3 Champion
Clovis Crossfire 03B White  Sliver 1 Champion
Evergreen United Earthquakes 03B Blue  Sliver 2 Champion
San Francisco Vikings Hammer Red B03  Sliver 3 Champion
Napa Sport SC Inter Milan 03  Bronze 1 Champion
Deportivo Barcelona barcelona-04  Bronze 2 Champion
Capital Valley United Blackhawks 04  Bronze 3 Champion
Piedmont Soccer Club Highlanders A 03B Bronze 4 Champion
Stanford Soccer Club World United White 03B  Bronze 5 Champion
SRU Real Madrid  Bronze 6 Champion
Cal Magic SC Magic 03B Marty  Bronze 7 Champion


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