Red Card Procedure

NorCal Premier Red Card Procedure

Step #1:

Red Card or yellow/ red card is given to a player or coach.  

Step #2:

Within 48 hours:

·      Center Referee submits the game report to Norcal Premier

·      The home team reports the Red Card (with game ID #) to NorCal Premier
·      The team receiving the Red Card- reports the red card to Norcal Premier Soccer
·      Please copy and send the referee report or game suspension form to: Alan Ramos at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or fax to Attn: Alan Ramos at 415-593-7697  (see forms below)

Step #3:

Suspensions begin immediately in the competition the Red Card is received-and will continue for the next two games unless the PAD committee rules differently

Step #4:

Red Cards are posted on the Norcal Website prior to the weekend.

Step #5: Teams submit Verification of Suspension Served Form (see below).

Red Card Responsibilities

Teams’ Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the home team as well as the team receiving the Red Card to ensure their Red Cards are reported within 48 hours. Home teams must follow up with the Referees to make sure they have sent in their game report within 48 hours of red being issued. The teams must send in the verification form (below) confirming that suspensions have been served.

Referee’s responsibility: All Club referees must provide Red Card report to the home team manager and Norcal Premier Soccer. It is important that the NorCal Game ID# number is included to PAD Chair: Alan Ramos

**Do not take the player/coach US Club Pass

Automatic Suspensions

Red Cards: All Straight Red Carded Player/Coach are automatically suspended for 2 games with the PAD committee reviewing and considering additional suspensions. This suspension is effective immediately.

Please note: The card carries over into other Norcal Premier Age Groups and Games. For example, if Coach A receives a card for his/her U12 Girl’s game and Coach A has a game with his/her U15 Boy’s team - Coach A is unable to coach this match.

Double Yellows: All double yellow carded players/coaches are automatically suspended for 1 game with the card being reviewed by the Pad Committee for further suspensions. For instance, a second card for dissent, especially involving swearing will most often result in additional games suspensions.

When do suspension take effect?

The carded Player/Coach must begin their suspension immediately in the next game(s). Even if the official suspension has not been awarded- the one or two game suspension is effective immediately. It is the teams and club’s responsibility to ensure this is followed. If the player sits out a match they should fill out the form below for verification of the player or coach serving the suspension. Failure to provide verification could result in a forfeit.

Verification Procedure: Teams must have signed verification form (link). The form must be signed by the Center Referee and coaches of both teams, verifying that Player or Coach did not participate in game.

Please copy and or scan and send the referee report or game suspension form to: Alan Ramos at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or faxed to Attn: Alan Ramos at 415-593-7697

Please fill out all documents and send to the PAD Chairperson: Alan Ramos via email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it All Send-Offs/Ejections must be sent to the PAD Chairperson within 48 hours (along with a completed Send-Off Report - to be filled out by the Center Referees). Please ensure the game number is on every red card report - without this the report will be considered incomplete.

Important Notes: The Center Referee that had issued a Send/Off (Coach or Player) should fill out the MS Word version of the NorCal Referee Send-Off Report which can be found on the under Referee Information.

 Referees - please do not retain the Coach’s or the Player’s Pass (that were Sent-Off) but return the passes to them after the completion of the game.  All Send-Offs/Ejections and Suspensions will be tracked on the NorCal website and that other teams in the same division/group will be notified of the infraction and the pending suspension.

Referee Coordinators - Please request that all your referees read the "NorCal Premier Soccer League Regulations " and the "NorCal Rules Updates for Referees" . T his should reduce the amount of confusions and misunderstandings between the Coaches and the Referees on NorCal Game Rules.

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