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YouCaring - Donate to Help Soccer Family in Need

Members of our NorCal soccer community are in need - please read below from the family's YouCaring page and help if you can HERE.


On April 20, 2016 Tommy was rushed to the ER with a severe headache.  That's when a brain tumor was discovered......

Tommy Simkins grew up in Sacramento in a large Italian family.  He has an army of friends from playing soccer his whole life and attending Christian Brothers High School.  He attended USD and graduated from Sac State.  He is well-known in the soccer community, and the contracting community.  His HVAC business, Air Solutions, Inc. has been serving the Sacramento area for 18 years.

Tommy & Jen have been married for 18 years and have 4 kids - Spencer & Tyler (17), Jacob (14), and Krista (12).  All 4 kids play competitive soccer and maintain good grades.

Recently, Tommy had been experiencing regular, daily headaches which we naturally attributed to seasonal allergies.  After 7 weeks of symptoms, Tommy felt he had a sinus infection and was prescribed antibiotics from his general practitioner.  Two days later, as the pain worsened, he could not take it anymore and was rushed to the ER.

Initially, he was treated for a tension headache.  But after performing a CT Scan, a brain mass was discovered.  The neurosurgeon determined it to be an aggressive tumor that required immediate surgical removal. The next day, April 21, 2016, a Bifrontal Craniotomy for Left Frontal Tumor Excision was performed.

The good news is - the neurosurgeon reported to us that he was able to remove the full tumor with no residual tumor left behind!  Now we wait for pathology to come back with the exact type of tumor and details of its likelihood of reoccurring and if any cancer treatments are necessary.

Tommy is recovering well, slow and steady.  He is mechanically sound, but is suffering some memory issues and daily task confusion.  This will all take time :)  

In the meantime, he will be off work while he heals.  As a self-employed contractor and the main source of family income, this is taxing.  We are working to reduce all we can and sell any assets we have to support our family in this time of need.  Additionally, our private health insurance plan does not cover all procedures needed and we will have a stack of medical bills to cover in the coming months.

This fundraiser is set up to support our family living expenses and medical bills incurred during this process.  Tommy's future treatments are still unknown.

We appreciate your support and encourage you to pass this along to your network of friends as well.  Thank you for your LOVE!

~The Simkins Family

If you prefer to send donations, send to:  2475 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento, Ca 95822

YouCaring - Donate to Help Soccer Family in Need
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